Finding Christ in the Confessional

We’ve all done things that have hurt others or made us regretful. Fortunately, the Church offers the healing benefits of sacramental confession, which can bring great peace and blessings. Confession is a powerful and necessary sacrament for us as we walk together toward holiness.

Trick or treat: Are hauntings real?

With Halloween around the corner, it’s the time of year for all things spooky. Between scary movies and haunted houses, we at The Pillar started to wonder – what does the Church actually teach about haunted stuff?

How to create your own Marian garden

Beautiful churches guide our gaze towards the majesty of God. Cozy, quiet chapels help us feel enveloped by Him. Our surroundings greatly affect our attention and direction in prayer — even Christ chose to pray alone in a garden. From sprawling ornamented chancels to the grave boughs of olive trees, our prayer is shaped by […]

Official Texas Catholic: Faith, fun and fellowship (September 2021)

“After last year’s cancellation of festivals and activities due to COVID-19, church and community members are now encountering a resurgence of events and activities to attend. This season, a number of fall festivals and carnivals will be held by local parishes to bring people together in celebration of each other and the arrival of Autumn.”